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Egypt Sun Tours

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Sea trips

    Snorkeling Trip to Giftun Island
Trip runs : Everyday
About 8 Hours
Included (Snorkeling equipment -  guide - Lunch -  water and soft drinks )
After pick up at your hotel, you will be taken by boat to two snorkling spots from the boot, then to Giftun Island. On the desert island in the Read Sea you will able to enjoy snorkeling all over the island in a remote location.



    Sharm El Naga Bay & Snorkeling Trip
Trip runs : Everyday
About 8 Hours
Included (Entrance fees - Guide assistance - snorkeling equipment - Lunch with bottled water and soft drink)
From your hotel in El Gouna or Hurghada our guide will take you to Sharm el Naga Bay, where you can spend a day enjoying the beautiful beach, clear water, and diverse sea-life on beautiful coral reefs. Sharm el Naga provides great shore diving as well as on-shore recreational facilities.



    Snorkeling at Mahmya Island from Hurghada
Trip runs : Everyday
Spend the day enjoying Mahmya beach on Giftun Island. Enjoy the beautiful beach and snorkeling on beautiful reefs on an island an hour from the mainland.


    Diving Trips

Diving Trips

Egypt maybe most famouse for the pyramids, but it is also a growing destination for beachgoers and scuba diving, The Red Sea coast offer warm temperature almost year round and they offer world-class diving.




    Submarine Tour in Hurghada
Trip runs : Everyday
About 2 Hours
Enjoy a unique underwater adventure in a submarine. In your time underwater, you will see all kinds of marine life on the Red Sea’s beautiful coral reefs and descend to depths of up to 22 meters.



    Seascope semi submarine
Trip runs : Everyday
About 4 Hours


    Dolphine show
Trip runs : Everyday
About 4 Hours
Enjoy watching the playing dolphins,  sea lions and sea dogs playing, singing and painting


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